Are you old enough to remember this...

Goldie Hawn and a yo-yo… Way back when…

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What a great pic! I was in love with Goldie when I was a kid. Is that from a movie?

I think that was from one of Steven Spielbergs first movies, The Sugarland Express.

Thanks for letting us know, I just ran across it by mistake.

Goldie Han? Hon? She was in one of my favorite movies. Overboard. I’m only thirteen though.

Will never forget her as Private Benjamin. :smiley:

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Is that from a movie scene or is it just her goofing around on set?

Well I was in love w/her when I was much… ::slight_smile:

I remember watching Wildcats in the theater. Hilarious movie.

She was great in Laugh-In. Such a fun pic.

I’m not sure if you are complementing or insulting us old dudes’ ages…! :slight_smile:


P.S. Yes, I do remember that…

This thread is a great resource for identifying which members are over 40.

I frequently feel old reading this forum. This thread made me feel young instead. Thank you!

Bird on a Wire…

I am 451. Is that old enough? :smiley:

Goldie Hawn and a yo-yo… Way back when…

Great pic!