Grown ups 2 yoyo.

Has anyone that there is a modern yoyo in the mmovie grown ups 2? I’m not sure what it is but I think it’s an Ashberry Chief on the kids night stand when Adam Sandler puts his daughter to bed.

This has been pointed out before. It’s good to bring stuff like this from time to time.

Also, the TV series “House”, I think the “theme” for one season is the main character would learn some new “skill” per case. He was actually using a modified shape(I think wood) yoyo for 3-4 episodes. Nothing major, just gravity pulls and short sleepers. I’ve been watching this show lately since it’s been on USA, usually killing the hour between the shows I would watch on USA until Craig Fergusson comes on.

Oh, I looked real quick and did’nt see a forum made for it but I just thought it was pretty cool. Never see that kind of stuff in big Hollywood movies. My favorite thing I’ve heard is that Steve Brown does the tricks on Zoolander. Thats pretty awesome.

Steve Brown did some watch trick consulting/training/demonstrating so the stars in some recent film could do it. That’s cool. It was released this year. Sadly, it’s not a movie I’m interested in seeing, but just knowing that little tidbit makes me want to reconsider.

Yeah, It’s that Johnny Depp movie. I think it was like a coin trick or something. I read about that on

AH! It’s the Lone Ranger. Just remembered.

Pocket Watch trick.

I saw grown ups 2 but did not notice that. Please post the scene where it shows the modern yoyo.

75:10 here Looks more like an Ashberry Avalanche to me, wonder why this is in the movie.

Can someone take a screenshot?

Definitely a modern throw

Guilty right here!! Its a CLYW AC. I got it placed in the movie last year thru a friend in the crew. Chris was awesome in getting material like stickers and the throw really fast to get into this scene. I just wish it got some more exposure. stuff ended up in the editing room. at least it got noticed… ;D

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No way…


No way…


Also in the show Monk, the police captain uses a yoyo for anger management. I want to say it was an imperial, but I don’t really remember. He just did gravity pulls.

I think it’s really awesome/crazy that someone actually noticed the yoyo. I have a friend who notices every random detail in movies, always surprises me when I go back to check out what I missed the first time.

That is absolutely awesome. What made you even ask your friend if he could get it placed there? Just some exposure for the yoyo community? LOL, I can’t believe you thought to ask about it and I really can’t believe your friend got done. I was about to watch this movie with my wife and her mom the other day but they ended up not watching it. I would had went nuts if I had saw that while watching it. It would had been one of those moments where I’m so excited and trying to explain everything about the yoyo all fast and that it’s like the yoyo’s that I have and this and that and my wife would be like “who cares, hush and watch the movie.” It would be just another time where I think something is so awesome and nobody else does. Well, all of ya’ll do so there…lol.

Exactly. Product placement is always done. Why not yoyos. I was actually disappointed because Chris at CLYW got this awesome fools gold AC with the logo in it to them to use. But the shot it’s seen in us from the side. Still cool because people caught it. I’m gonna keep trying.

Awesome. Awesome.

Pretty sure it is an Imperial. It was neat to see that happen in that show, as that show is one of my favorites.