Are You Afraid of the Dark?!?


so here is my new video! it features the G2 Nessie (great throw) these videos are basically progress videos of me trying to become a yoyo master! ive been throwing for 6 months… so here it is! :slight_smile:


ur doing really nice for 6 monthes!! haha really smooth. iv always wanted to make a blacklight vid ahaha


Thank you so much! ya its really fun! when i got it i could not stop using it very glad i bought it! =D


o need to get me one


anymore feedback is appreciated! <3 =D

(Khent G) #6

Wow! 6 months? Really smooth. Keep it up!


Looks great!

(DOGS) #8

Very smooth for 6 months. Keep up the good work.

(SR) #9

I agree completely, that was smooth as silk! I know people who have been yoyoing much longer than you and don’t come close to your smoothness; they’re SO choppy. Keep it up.


thanks so much guys im speechless! =D don’t worry i will definitely be making more episodes!


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