are undersize yoyos good for 5a ie like a c3 token?


i have been useing full sized and mid sized for 5a so is it good to use a yoyo like a c3 token or a c3 dibase?


dibase I’m sure you eill be fine. Token any 1a yoyo is fine but it might be a challenge due to size.


Try it and find out if something like the Token will work out for you.

I wouldn’t recommend it myself. Undersized is fine but smaller than 50mm might be a bit too challenging.


It all depends in your hand size, for example.

Say a toddler or newborn could yoyo, a Mighty flea token or popstar would be good for small hands.

If your a big guy with big hands and a token feels tiny in your hand then no.

If your like me, smaller and have small hands, a Token would work.

IMO mid-over sized is best for 5a.

(Chase Baxter) #5

Ryota Torigue uses a small YoYoRecreation that’s really wide but small in diameter, can’t think of the name but he kills it with it. Also, I’ve messed around with 5A a little bit on a Popstar and it almost helps with new tricks, I wouldn’t use it for a contest or anything but it’s cool to mess around with.