Are there more unresponsive tricks than responsive tricks?

just wanna know cuz i have more re than unresponsives…

Thats debatable. @edhaponik probably answer this one the best.

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ok thx

There are new tricks regularly created for both styles. A lot of these tricks never get officially documented or gain widespread notoriety. No trick list is static. A lot of tricks haven’t been discovered yet but are out there in the Yo-isphere.


I’d like to think that unresponsive yoyos have more tricks. Since, while the main advantage of a responsive yoyo is its tug-responsiveness, this effect can be emulated in an unresponsive yoyo by tugging before the yoyo reaches the bottom of the string. Alternatively, quickly using a laceration bind to bring the yoyo back after it’s begun spinning freely can also quasi-emulate a tug-responsive effect. Of course, these tricks are still technically different, but the emulation of these tricks means a number of responsive tricks can be quasi-counted as unresponsive tricks, resulting in the unresponsive trick category holding the advantage.

At least that’s my take on it lol


More for either than any one person could ever hope to learn. And you can only pour your attention into one at a time. So for me the answer is that both have infinite tricks, or… y’know just the one. :wink:


the divisions are named after the amount of tricks there are in terms of aleph cardinals.
0A stands for aleph zero
1A aleph one



There are an infinite number of both unresponsive and responsive tricks. The limiting factor is ones imagination and skill.


Those are huge limiting factors for me! :rofl:


Which infinite number is bigger?