Are there ANY Bearing Woods?


besides the Sleep Machine and Roller Woody from Kuhn? I’d really like a C Size 56mm x 43mm Wooden H-Shape. I really need to get a Lathe, here.


The jamboo (?) by YYJ. or the RD-1 by Tom Kuhn.


I have honestly never heard of the Jamboo or known YYJ to make any Wood Bearing Yo-Yo’s. Kuhn seems to have that market pretty well to themselves, which I can’t say they don’t deserve seeing they were affiliated with BC in the 90’s and the product quality seemed to carry over.


RD-1 with weight rings is great, just wish the response was better…they should do a silicon-recessed version.


Eric Wolff.


YoYoJam Jamboo

I had to finish off my JAMBOO


Wow, the craftsmanship on that Jamboo looks very lovely. :o


Alan Gray is a Master of Wooden yoyos with bearings.


Hicoo had one iirc


Well, I did look for that Yo-Yo by Eric Wolff as suggested and was unable to find it. Even more interesting, is the idea of “AlchemyYoYos”. The Logo even with proper usage of Elemental Symbolism.]



He does custom one off work.


As mentioned above, Eric does one-off custom stuff… if you don’t know him, you’ll probably have to find him at a contest to get one.

Alchemy is a dead yoyo company, it was started by another yoyo store and didn’t last very long… most of their yoyos were pretty bad.



i remember seein’ the video of the wolff makin’ a coca cola yoyo from wood…at worlds.

also - i still love my silk :slight_smile:



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YYJ Deja-vu I think…


I made one in grade nine shop class. Kind of. I stole the guts from a hotshot.