Are the majority of John Higby's works 1 of 1?

Hi all,

Merry Christmas! I’m just wondering, I got a Beethoven/Piano John Higby painted Profly, and I was wondering if this might have been the only one he made, since once it was bought it disappeared from the store selection. Is it possible this is 1 of 1? Does he often make 1 of 1 yo-yos?

Thanks! ;D

My understanding is that except a select few, the “cup of joe” and 66 rules come to mind, they are generally 1 of 1. Even if there’s more than one in the series, they are all hand painted so they’d still be unique anyway.

That Beethoven sounds cool. I’ve got my eyes on the Wizard of Oz set he’s got posted.

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I believe so. Owning a couple of this throws and one of his paintings, I feel very fortunate to be able to hang it on my wall.