are no jives rare?

wondering. ???
saw that someone wants a no jive.

not really.

i want a no jive, too. they’re fun to play with.

They not really rare per-say, but there not exactly common, nor are they produced anymore.

there are some rare models that you can find going on ebay for $200+, but I got a couple of them for right around $30

got a no jive and an RD1, both are very fun to throw, oldschool

I was also wondering, I keep seeing people offering lots of money for one

Per se

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the guy who inspired me to yoyo gave me one,mint with trick book, box, and extra string, axels.

There are some that are rare, primarily the ones with lasered designs and some of the laminates and other special editions. In general they are sought after because they are a quality yoyo, no longer produced (*), and they are a major part of yoyo history.

  • They are still available in limited quantities on the TK website, but I believe production has stopped.

some are rare. some are plentiful.
a ‘regular’ no jive produced between 1998-2003 will usually run you about $30 new. an older no jive will often run a bit more as they appeal to collectors. no jives haven’t been made since 2003, and brad countryman has sold off much the tooling he used to make them during the post-kuhn era.

no jives were also produced in certain special (and often spectacular) aesthetic editions with different kinds of mandalas or advertising different companies. a neiman marcus will often run you upwards of $300, last week a datachecker/continental cash register no jive fetched $500+, and one promoting the city of aspen, co went for $750. these versions are not only exceedingly rare; they’re also old (and fragile, being made of wood). the rarest production version is probably the 1984 olympic model, which really never makes it to ebay and would almost certainly break $1000. beyond the anomalies though, you can still score them on the cheap.

i have something like 70. to me, they represent one of the coolest and most ‘forgotten’ periods in yo-yoing - the time just before the internet and the subsequent boom. here’s some of mine:


I still have the box and extra parts for my no jive.

how can you tell when it was made?
Heres mine

that’s a tom kuhn era no jive made in san fransisco. based on the packaging, it was probably made during the late 80’s or early 90’s. you can also tell based on the shape of the halves, on the color/clarity of the logo stamp, and, to some degree, how the hex nuts are made. cool, dark finish.

I know I’m resurrecting an old thread but Wow Ed, that is quite a collection.

I’ve noticed that most are labeled No-Jive…but there are several different shapes. Do they play differently from one another? Which are the heaviest?

Great looking collection.

Normally, I’d come in here all S-S-S-SUPAH NECRO! and whatnot, but you already caught yourself… :slight_smile:

Great necro! Awesome collection too!!!

I’ve wanted a No-Jive for sometime now. Hopefully I will find one soon.

Thanks. I’ve picked up a few more. There are still a couple on my list, but those are few and far between.
They will get rarer as time marches on. TK continues to make some yoyos (or really, sell off their old/repackaged stock), but I doubt we will see the like of the original 3-in-1 No Jive again.

Meanwhile, if you seek a quality wood yoyo, hit up TMBR!

Already have two TMBR’s. Great yoyo’s!

Mike Montgomery has a new wood yoyo coming out called the Tinder.

Looks really cool!

Just seen 2 of them on ebay ;D