Are my dicestacks supposed to be "semi-loose"?

So… I got a 44special and i thought it would look cool with yellow dicestacks. I have never experimented or tried any other hubstack system than the one that was already installed. I watched a video-tutorial from Tyler Severance on how to remove and apply hubstacks. So I followed his tut and put the dice on my 44S. It was difficult to remove the hubs it already had so I wrapped some yoyo string underneath the whole thing a GENTLY removed all 3 pieces (bearing, spacer, and stack). When the dice were on, I tested them and they felt the same. But it concerned me that they were loose! They were effortless to take out and felt like nothing putting them in. So I was just wondering if someone could tell me if thats the way they are supposed to be or…? -Eric

My ricestacks are loose too. As long as they are not coming off during play you’re fine.

Well said brothah

so you finally got a 44s eric, yea there suppose to be like that that how my friends dice stack where on his pgm

I try to make them so they’re a little easier to get off the bearing than the stock hubstacks. Also, if they’re too tight, they tend to crack.