Are brass code 1 SEs heavier than copper ones?`

just wondering because with all of the side effects the brass versions are much heavier and it didn’t have the brass code1 se weight written and if so how heavy are they

Copper are actually copper colored anodizing so they weigh the same as another aluminum ones. Brass are heavier.

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More technical details, just because…

7075 Aluminum density: 2.80 gm/cm^3
Brass density: 8.47 gm/cm^3
Copper density 8.96 gm/cm^3

Brass is 3.025 times denser(heavier) than aluminum for the same volume of material. While One Drop does not make SEs out of pure copper, copper is actually heavier than brass since brass is an alloy of copper and zinc (zinc has a density of 7.13 gm/cm^3).


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