Are axles removable?

Is that a defect or did you cause it. But I would return it unless it has no affect on play, also most axels are supposed to come out except some yyj.

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Could you name those YYJ models please?

My Atmosphere axle does not, it can but it’s really tight, I heard it was glued but I don’t think so. I’ve heard people say that some other yyj’s don’t come out either.

Then you should have went back and modified it and not triple post.

Hmm, you screwed the axle in too much… It’s your fault that it happened… It’s not a defect, but you might be able to get a replacement from YYE.

Hmmm, the one in mine comes out. Also keep in mind that on the older style YYJ axle assembly, the threads were tight because of the adjustable gap feature. If the threads were looser that feature would not work so well. Those are very difficult to remove w/o tools.

O, I think mines old because they don’t sell yellow and mine came with black response. (o-ring?) Mines just tight and small, also I have no reason to take it out. So I’ll just leave it be ;).EDITS*(like a good boy) How do I know if I have that feature on mine? Or any other yyj for that matter. :wink: A++ You Used The Modify Button. :wink: :wink: ;D

The atmosphere is fixed gap.

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And that means? I’m new to this whole axle thing ;).

Also, Thanks for the new topic 8).

That means the gap cannot be adjusted, just like most metal yoyos on the market