Arctic Circle "Second Expedition" (AC2)

Here are all the specs and pics of Zach Gormley’s new signature. The Arctic Circle Second Expedition. AKA Arctic Circle 2!

When is it coming out?

Read the top link^ thats all the info on it so far.

I hope the original arctic circle stays in production

So without the ‘costly machining of double rings’, the AC2 will be cheaper than it’s predecessor, right? crowd laughs

Did Chris actually say the double rings were more costly?

idk if he did but they are more costly i know that much.

How do you know?

It requires more machining and specific tools/tool angles.

It depends on the shop.

Almost all of the shops I’ve contacted do price by piece with the price being the same for multiple designs. As long as your quantity is high enough and they already have the needed tools.

Just looking at price alone the models with the double ring are a good $15 - $20 more than the models without. If you check out the base price of the Avalanche, Gnarwhal and BvM2 and compare them to the yoyo’s with the double rims Chief, AC, CLIFF, Puffin and Glacier Express you will notice that all the yoyo’s without the double rim are cheaper. Again this is just speculation on my part. Seems to make sense though…

I don’t know who Chris uses for all of his tops, that’s why I was ordering of Chris actually came out and said they cost more to machine. He could also have different prices than I do when using the same shop. Doubtful though.

Im pretty sure the expensive/popular ones are machined at One Drop like chiefs.

And chris does the rest…

As of now only the Chief, AC and Canvas were done at One Drop.

I’ll just copy and past what I said in the last 2 threads about this… :wink:

And I’m so pumped! It looks so good. I really like the width and catch zone, similar to the summit but for angular rims.Plus with all that rim weight is should be a horizontal monster!

It’s going to be hard to decide what releases I’m going to by pass b/c there are ALOT of good releases coming up from different companies.

So these are the releases we have coming up(plus some I probably left out): First full release of Yeti,Bonfire,Gnarwhal 2, AC2, Chucks sig to be announced, Valor, Electric Flash(just released),Prodigy,Prestige, Al7 Quake (well I assume).

Just so much to choose from.