Arctic Circle Price

(Alex Fairhurst) #1

Have they always been 135? I thought they were 145. If Mr. Mikulin is starting to lower prices a bit that would be sweet.


The price of the Arctic Circle and most of Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works throws has always depended on colorway/splash/speckle. For the Arctic Circle the price has always been $135 and up.

(Owen) #3

Solid colorways for the AC/ Chief= $135

Two colors for the AC/ Chief= $145

Team editions/ three colors for the AC/ Chief= $155-$165

Correct me if i am wrong


I’ve seen tri-colours go for 165, the last pre-release of chiefs on clyw store started at 165 for ninja hurdles, delirium dive and I think maybe blizzard. After the free shipping deal passed the prices dropped. I check all the stores regularly and the ones in the uk sell team ac and tri-colour chiefs for close to 170 usd.

(Owen) #5

Sorry my bad I meant to put $155-$165 or the tri colored ones


Well, whether there has been a price drop or not I think 135 for an AC of any colour (especially that selvedge gold) is a spectacular deal 8)


Pricing for the Chief, Arctic Circle and Puffin is:

$135 - solids
$145 - 2 colour splash
$155 - 3 colours, 2 colour team edition
$165 - 3 colour team edition


Budget adjusted accordingly. $165 paid aside in case I only have the 3-color team editions to select from!


I am selling my 2 colour splash AC for $125 if anyone is interested ;D

(Owen) #10

I know a guy who might be… Ill tell him bout it