aquas gap?

i was looking at the aqaurious’s gap it it looks tiny wich makes me wonder how could you do any complex os tricks when it has such a small gap it seems that it would bust knuckles(even though it has rubber rims ) anyway could some one reasure me or somthing? ???

Its an adjustable gap,they take the pictures with the smallest gap possible if it has an adjustable one.

gotcha thanks bro

Sure. :wink:


The gap isn’t huge when adjusted all the way.

Can you clean bearings? I really don’t like Aquas unless they are bearing cleaned, seems way to snaggy for me.

yeah, i dont like the fact of how small the gap is, that is why i got shims, big improvement!

What size shim you get? Regular YYJ? I might get a another Aqua (My other ones rubber ring thing fell off >:() But I just cleaned the bearing.

orange ones. :wink:

(big shims)