spyy skyy chaser

so i was thinkin bout gettin a skyy chaser but i dont kno
that much about it, i just like the shape and looks
can anyone giv me some info on it?(spintimes, feel etc.)
oh and which colour is which, is the orange the darker redish sorta colour
and is the gold the lighter colour, or is it the other way round
and the bearing sizes, is “c” the same size as a large yyj
bearing, and is “d” bigger or smaller
plz reply ;D

oh and how big is the gap? is it the same as a hectic, bigger or smaller?

I’ll try to not mix things up this tim (ed).

The Orange one, is the red-ish one has a C-sized bearing and a silicone groove/o-sticker response system. The gold one (the lighter one) has a D-sized bearing and a pad response. The D bearing is smaller in diameter, but it’s still just as wide (or wider) than a C bearing. The C bearing is what you are most likely to find in a YYJ.

The gap is big enough.

well, i thought that the gap wasn’t big enough but it might be just me. so i put in a kk and its better now. and as for feel? its wonderfull, just a joy to play.