Skyy Chaser???

ok so you know how it says that the orange is a d bearing and the gold is a c and it tells you the response and that?
well how come it doesnt say anything for the red one??? im pretty confused lol

ps are the spikes like hubstacks or just a look?

The red one is the Orange one.

And the spikes are not like hubstacks, but you can hold them like hubstacks with practice.

The red (D bearing) is pad, the gold (C bearing) is flow/silicone.

Spikes are not like hubstacks, you need to be a bit more man to use them and they look more awesome.

also, if you want to get it and if you have thick string, then buy a kk bearing with it cause the gap is miniscule.

Ok so is that like yyj silicone and yyf kpads?? or is it different

and is size c like small and d is large?

and what do you mean by thick string, i just got a 100 count from yye:D
and what is miniscule? is the gap small or something???


and other way around.
gold - d(med.) bearing - pad response
dark orange - c(big) bearing - silicone groove response

If you look in the dictionary miniscule is another word for small. And you dont need a KK even with thick string.

well, i have always felt that i need it to be very unresponsive so it might be me, but it was binding when i didnt want it to and stuff but its ok now. and if you like the look then you should get it, the shape is so comfortable and it just makes me want to throw it “one more throw” every time i use it

It could be your pads and they just haven’t broken in.And you dont really feel the shape of the KK so you cant exactly say the shape is comfortable.

ik that you can’t fell the shape of a kk :P. i was saying the shape of the yoyo is comfortable. and I am pretty sure that the pads are broken in because I have had it for a while and played it mabey 10-20 hours.

It can take weeks for pads to break in.

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well then i might just post in again if this post hasn’t died by then. thankyou shiashaki