Yoyos with the Oxy adjustable axle system?

Hey all! Are there any non Oxy yoyos with the adjustable axle system they have on all their earlier models?

The H2O has it, but it’s a collab.

That one I knew about :slight_smile: It’s winging its way in the mail to me right now.

Anyone know of any other yo-yos? Can anyone definitively say there aren’t any more and I should stop looking?

Bumping for more info :slight_smile: Anyone know anything?

Aaand bumping again =P

Does anyone know anything?

Bumping again for more info.

Bump again. Who knows something???

Apparently nobody knows nuttin, so ya can stop bumpin this. :wink:

Think about it for a minute, if it’s an Oxy design, there’s very little probability that it’s on any other company’s product other than the collab H20 already mentioned.

Since I’ve followed Oxy closely since the release of the Oxy 3 (I own 40+ Oxy), I’m probably qualified to answer this question. Sadly, the answer is No, nobody else uses the early Oxy axle system, probably for the following reasons:

  1. It requires a considerable amount of custom machining, which drives up the cost of the yo-yo.
  2. The press fit copper half and titanium half are difficult to achieve without vibe. Most people go with less risky designs (e.g. OD’s side effect design).
  3. It’s Carlo’s original design, and copying it without permission would be disrespectful.
  4. It puts a considerable amount of weight in the center, and most recent designs favor rim weight.

The concept of gap adjustment as a means to tune a yo-yo has declined greatly in popularity. Yo-yos design goals lean towards being dead unresponsive until a bind is done.