Aquarius Parts?

I was given an aquarius and I think it is missing some parts. Is it just the two sides and a bearing or are there spacers?


There are no spacers. You have everything.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

4A yoyos are supposed to have that smaller gap, so, you’re good :slight_smile:

It will barely let me throw it, the string gets stuck in the gap, the only way the string and the yoyo will detach from eachother is if I loosen ALOT (like it is ready to fall apart)

Post a pic of it so we can see.

Pic of what the string getting caught in the gap? or the parts? I can post a pic, I just need to know what

post a pic of the yoyo put all the way together so we can see the gap width.

If you teflon the axel it will be tighter when it is less tight and then you can have it looser without it falling apart.

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Now this is just something I do with my Aquarius, but have you ever made your own string? If so I’d say make a 10 or possibly 8 thread string from something like Joannes serger thread. (That particular brand is a thinner type of thread, but can be pretty tough all the same.) Something like that fits in the gap of an Aquarius very nicely in my opinion.

What I do is I put a little bit of lube on the inside of the gap and the string stops catching in it somewhat.