Apple vs. Samsung trial

Have you guys herd? For the third time Apple is trying to sue Samsung. Its been 3 or 4 days now… Its kinda interesting. Who do you want to win? I personally hope Samsung wins.

Samsung just does it in hopes of pushing Apple over the edge… mentally…

It really doesn’t matters. Whoever wins will get counter sued by the other party within a matter of days or weeks. It’s a game w/them.

What is Apple trying to sue for? From the sound of it, they’re just buthurt that people are now moving away from iPhones.

Thats pretty much it lol, I think that apple thinks that Samsung stole there ideas. Like design wise I think. apple is just getting stupid, and for the third time? Im rooting for Samsung…

I remember when they tried to sue because of rectangular phone design…

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omg haha

I’d rather them both lose at this point, but I suppose Samsung is a more “ethical” choice to some extent.