A yoyo analogy.


I think yoyo brands are very comparable to cell phone brands what do u guys think?

CLYW- Apple The most popular of high end designs. Sleek and “cool” with a very distinct look and feel.
SPYY- HTC- quietly brilliant Nuff said
Onedrop- Samsung- more options and more variations on par with CLYW but still lacks that market leadershi
Duncan- Nokia one or 2 gems that can compete but are really made for low end


actually the samsung gs3 and gs4 have both separately outsold all the iPhone models previously mad including iphone 4s and 5


My anaology is not for brands, rather shape.

H Shape - Modern Music- What most folks are into, very conventional and popular

Organics - Classical - Underrated, shunned by our generation, only for refined tastes.


Yes. Plus, Apple is not even close to having market leadership. Worldwide, Apple only has a 17% market share, and Samsung has about a 30% share. Also, Android has about 70% of the smartphone market, while IOS is only around 17%.

And, as stated above, the GS3 and GS4 have outsold all previous Apple products.

Also, I would say YYR is more comparable to HTC’s new line of phones.


go samsung. Also if clyw was apple all clyw yoyos would all be exactly the same.


V shape- symphonic metal, semi underrated ,shunned by our current generation, beautiful, original

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yoyos: wal mart

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Goody I have refined taste :wink:

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Actually I would call YYF or YYJ Samsung. Spyy deserves to be HTC… Yomega is like Microsoft. Sort of functional, super cheap. (Except apparently the glide is good) And actually I agree with CLYW being apple. You know, super awesome, expensiveness.

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As far as I’m concerned, people love V-shapes…I mean just look at C3.


with v shapes I disagree, because like posted aboce C3 is mostly all killer V shaped yoyos. just outside of C3 I don’t see many v shaped yoyos


I think Yomega is like Blackberry. Used to be pretty much the best, fell into obscurity, and is starting to make a small comeback.


if clyw was apple wouldn’t all the yoyos look the same or cost very much to replace parts.


Hspin = Sony Ericsson

Yomega = vonage

Duncan = sprint
Clyw. = Verizon
One drop = AT&T
Spyy. = Tmobile


Lol…blatant copy


excellent the truth has risen clyw is most comparable to samsung

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But they are very exclusive. Not many companies have all the same yoyo if you think about it…


Apple is good, it’s just not as innovative anymore.