Apple (computer macs

my dad just got a Imac and got me a Imac Mini

the mini is the computer without the screen you need a tv or some kind of divice

anyone know how to work garageband?

Your family’s so rich that I won’t even need to know what you look like to find you at a yoyo contest I’ll just look for the guy with the top hat and monocle. XD

As for working Garageband you can look up a guide on Youtube or Google.

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I stay away from GarageBand,

because I’m not 12.

Why are you almost always negative? It’s really not needed.

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The internet is getting to me.
Forgive me for this photo will give you some very basic knowledge. but best bet is youtube or if you’re willing to pay a little bit

I guess I’ll get serious.

I am a MAC guy myself, not to the extent of buying everything they make of course.
I find the best ways to learn are in fact youtube videos. The Apple website sucks.
I find it easier to learn from an actual person demonstrating the feat, rather than the official source instructing you.
In certain cases, you may not find the help you’re looking for
Instead, experiment on your own.
Instruction manuals are only useful for stock software, however they may give you some links for other websites.

I like the letter “i”

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