Apparel sizes variety


I believe the sizes on YoyoExpert aren’t very accurate they need to be more specific and add more sizes I bought a yyj adult small it fit perfect then I bought a yye modern shirt and that fit very big ( I grew into it so now the yyj shirt is too small ) I really think yye should consider this idea.


And I really think you should consider taking a breath every now and again.


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The problem with clothing is that there’s no “uniform standard”. There are guidelines but it’s up to the companies to decide if they want to do that or come up with their own thing.

Not to sound racist, but believe it or not, cars are made to fit a certain kind of person. Japanese/Asian cars are designed more around Asian body shapes. Similarly, American cars are a bit more “open ended”. Wait, that didn’t come out right, it sounds like they are designed to fit big fat people… oh wait, they are kinda moving in that direction. European cars are designed more around more typical European body shapes. The automotive industry is kind of trying to move towards a more “universal standard”, but it’s difficult due to the wide range of variations in the human body, as well as additional gender-based variables.

To take another extreme… I knew a lady who received a Porshe from her husband as a birthday gift. The lady literally had to lose like 100 pounds just to fit IN the car in the passenger seat. She died before she could ever drive it. In defense, she wasn’t all that healthy anyways.

My wife is a good example. She’s Asian. She had a Mustang. Never did seem to quite fit her right. Her whole family keeps buying “American cars”, which they always complain about not being comfortable in. I had a Toyota 4Runner. Fit my non-Asian body good, they all seemed to feel it fit them better. Got a Honda Pilot, same thing. Granted, 2 examples, not a good enough sampling.

So, back to shirts:
One company’s large can be another company’s medium or X-Large. Best we can hope for is the reseller to post a warning about size recommendations.

On to shoes:
I notice some brands have to have their own guidelines against “standards” so you know their variations. No doubt you’ve seen shoe sizes on the tongue in many different size standards so you an estimate if it should fit you. I went and got 2 pairs of Skechers a few weeks ago, and I was told either a half or full size up or down from what I measure. I forget the variation. It seems odd how a company would intentionally choose to have their shoe sizes vary from accepted “size configurations”.


You totally lost me


He simply explained that there is no standard as far as clothes sizes go, so it’s not possible for YYE to sell you an exact size as you requested. QED.


I don’t want exact sizes (that’d be really cool though) they could at least tell us the measurements (like on the yye hoodie :slight_smile: )