what are the sizes on


the YoYoExpert T-shirts? I know there is the small, medium, large, X-large but what are the dimentions on these? like 2 foot by 3 feet or something like that.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #2

You just said the sizes of the shirts. Try re-typing, it doesn’t make too much sence.



I retyped it.


I don’t think that info is released. I suppose you could buy your size and then measure it.

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They’d be the same sizes as normal t-shirt sizes.


I don’t know my size.


Check the tag on the back of your shirt. It should say something of your size.




What??? but loom at the tag, it says what size

(Mark) #10

What does it say on the tag? like 14-16 or something like that? or an actual letter such as S,M,L,XL