AP yoyo contest 2012 Mickey, Chia, Mitchell

1a 1st Hiroyuki Suzuki

1a 2nd Christopher Chia

1a 3rd Darrell Mitchell

…Another installment of my current favorite friendly yoyo rivalry and I was not disappointed. Mickey is pushing himself and going for it. Chia showing some new moves and continuing to put his own mark on the contest style Mickey popularized. Darrell Mitchell is the people’s champ (check out those cheers!) for good reason: amazing and flashy big move tricks that focus on innovation and crowd-pleasing at the same dang time.

While I think the judge’s scoring is true and on point, Darrell’s performance is my favorite. In the end, a win for everybody and yoyoing contest at its best and most fun. Great job, Mickey, Christopher and Darrell!

I love Chia’s new stuff. Crazy.

Darrell…what more do I have to say?

Hiroyuki’s face when the MC says “three time world champion” : Priceless.

That D Mitch freestyle was so inspiring. I’m going to steal some arm stuff from him.

Edit: I love the announcer.

Mind blown away. I barely get to see Darrell Mitchell but when I do I am speechless!

yea, they were all great!
I’m happy with the results, so long as these three guys are in the top 3, in no particular order.
Have been hanging out with Chris and honestly have to say he wasn’t in his top form, but that’s not an excuse because both Darrell and Chris are too busy with school to practice for AP. But honestly I was expecting Darrell to place before Chris though, and Hiroyuki, sick!