Anything Is Possible

Guys, do you dream of all these tricks you want to do sooooo bad? Well, anything, thats right, anything, is possible. Want to do a double-helix-Brain Twister-Matrix-Suicide-Superman combo? Its possible! (Might be hard) If you can dream it, you can do it. You can even make up a Walk the Dog into a Wrist Whip- Spirit Bomb! Anything is possible!

Dream on! :wink:

Yuuki slack-QUADRUPLE suicide-triple tower-double ladder escape-10x laceration-into 5A SUPER MEGA ULTRA PWNAGE UN-HEARD OF PINWHEEL COMBO-BACK TO 1A 6x WIRST WHIP-with a chesse nips at the end… :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA! thats the best! you have the same sense of humor as me lol “SUPER MEGA ULTRA PWNAGE UN-HEARD OF PINWHEEL” that is so funny!!!

Yeah anything is possible…when i first started i looked at kwijibo like :o and thought that id NEVER EVER be able to do that or anything above it but look where i am now ;D i love yoyoing! it can never end becaue there are infinite possibilities!

Didn’t mean for it to be finny but who cares :P. Another combo by me!

MEGA UB3R L33T WALK THE DOG (the yoyo jumps up and attacks random pedestrians)- INTO 3A!!! (2nd yoyo is the random pedestrian :P)- Into 4A WHERE YOU FLING THE PEDESTRIAN IN THE AIR AND CATCH IT BACK ON THE STRING…BUT YOU MISS!!! (and get sued for 2 million dollars). Then!! Grab the pedestrian again and use him as a counterweight but you hit the counterweight on the yoyo and the counterweight dies. So there for you never yoyoed again and spent the rest of your life in jail where you watch your cell mates drink toilet water for the rest fo your life…

Did this happen? It sounds so detailed. Too bad there aren’t any names though.

Yeah I remember when I saw Skin the Gerbil and I just thought that I was never going to be able to remember it because it was so long. Now I’m working on And Whut? and Ladder Escape, etc.

Yes, it did happen, the pedestrian was named Santa…

Do a split bottom to a trapeze than go for an laceration while in the trapeze X2 swing around to head (PWNAGE!!!) bounce back to leg, skin the cat under leg swing out with a triple chin smack to your best friend and Micky bind back.

I tried my best to be random ;D. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Bet this guy might be able to do that.

Awesome. I love his facial expression when he does the triple suicide.

Yes anything is possible. I remember last time when i couldn’t get the first pop through the triangle in ladder escape. I practiced for half an hour and i got it.

A Sleeper. That little bugger just gets me every time! :stuck_out_tongue:

The guys might be able to do the suicide but can he switch to 5A with just the loop as a counterweight??

Its all in the wrist, you just gotta practice man. Maybe try different strings?


yea maybe you should get a better yoyo? You’ve been using the 888 am I correct? That is the cheapest plastic yoyo you can buy and is meant for looping so I suggest you get a Duncan Imperial. High quality metal, perfect round butterfly shape, and can sleep for up to 10 minutes witht hat bad throw of yours! ;D ;D ;D

No the Catch 22 is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky, I can’t even do the Gravity Pull.

I can’t even hold a yoyo right.

Whats a yo-yo? ???

Whats a yo-yo? ???

EXACT same post as above.