Anything in Kentucky ???

Hey guys I was wondering since I live in KY if there was anythig going on like clubs, contests, etc. Just plz tell me thx.

What park of KY? There is a club here in Nashville, TN. Team Chaotix.


As far as I know all the clubs/contests closest to you are about 5 hours away. And in 3 differant directions at that.

Indianapolis, IN
Nashville, TN
St. Louis, MO has a section under “Learn to Yo-Yo” and “YoYo Classes” that will list Classes and Clubs.

Yeah one in Nashville what time and day of week

There are a few yo-yo’ers in Louisville. Andrew Robinson (he’s a mod on YYN) is one. My good friend Alex Ayers is another. He does a lot with juggling and tops as well. He’s also working on opening a toy store in Louisville. You can find them both on facebook. I lived my whole life in Louisville until a few months ago when I moved to Florida. As far as contests and clubs, Indy is just 2 1/2 hours away, and Nashville is about 3. I’ve met other players in Louisville, so I’m sure you could get a regular meet-up going pretty easily

I dont know about clubs but I live in louisville and I yoyo

I thought team chaotix stopped when brandon moved…maybe not lol. but yea yoyonashville, we try to meet once a month…its super fun!!

I’m 20 minutes outside Louisville