Anyone watch Red vs Blue? Or at least RoosterTeeth?


Am I alone?


Ive seen a little bit of both of them i watch alot of allshamnowow


I’ve been a fan of RvB for quite some time, although I still have not gotten around to watching season nine.


I watched it for a little while, and then I kinda quit…

My friend actually plays the voice of Kaboos (or however you spell his name) in RvB.


It’s in the last end of a train.


Wait a sec…your friend is at RoosterTeeth??? I forgot the name f the guy who plays caboose.


Joel Heyman

(LookAYoYo) #8

I have seen every episode of RvB. I used to be a bit obsessed.


I still am…I am sorta re-watching all of the episodes…there are actually some hidden things I did not realize. Like when Sarge is at blue base before he saves Griff and Simmons, and all the blues are dead, on the wall someone drew the Meta’s symbol.