Anyone tried Audley concave bearings?

I have one soaking in vinegar right now because of rust… It seems to spin as long as my One Drop 10-ball (included in CLYW) plus it’s concave. Anyone tried?

I"ve played Auldey throws with concaves in them, they play about as well as any other concave. I wouldn’t buy one, you can get cheaper ones bulk.

those in the most recent run of their yoyos have been getting good reviews but those that came with my Demons were shrat. Still you dont often see auldey selling bearings individually as iirc i havent ever seen bearings appear on their official parts&accessories lineup list.

Off hand, I’d say soaking it in WD-40 is preferable to vinegar.

But wouldn’t WD-40 attract dust?

No, not if you clean it, and it won’t make your yoyo smell like pickles.

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So I should clean in WD40 (for how long?) then soak in acetone? Have you tried it before?

But I like pickles.

Soak in WD-40, clean with acetone, mineral spirits or whatever. Lube Lightly.
(Yes, I’ve done it, probably 20 times before you were born.)

Would trombone slide lubricant be a substitute for thin lube?

You know that vinegar accelerates rusting, right? :wink:

Yes it does. But a lightly acidic solution can be used to loosen or remove rust too. The trick is not to let it soak too long and rinse it thoroughly and then apply a light oil or something like WD-40 to keep it from coming back quickly. I’ve used that method to restore a few planes and other rusted tools I’ve come across.

But for a bearing I would soak it in WD-40. If it’s rusted enough to rate the acidic treatment it’s time to throw it away.

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Yes. Use a very small amount and it’ll be fine.

Well, none of this matters if you don’t know how to deshield a bearing…but my preference is to soak it in lighter fluid.