Anyone Trickshot?


Lol, I was wondering if anyone that yoyos plays Call of Duty. Check out me channel ;D ;D


I play CoD, and am pretty hardcore (Master Prestige, Diamond SMG’s, almost Diamond Ar’s, Platinum League, own Season Pass/have all DLC, own a Scuf and Astro A40’s, etc), I’m actually watching Impact Parasite’s stream right now. But, I don’t trickshot, because I’m not a jerk ;). However, I have a friend who is awesome at quickscoping, and has all primaries Diamond, with a 1.54 KD, and Master Prestige.

I used to be a big FAL player, but I’ve stopped using it ever since MLG banned it, and more recently, when League Play banned it. Now I play as Anchor with the M8 in GameBattles and League Play.

Might I ask what grip you hold the controller in? I play paw (paddles+claw). What’s your KD? BTW, nice video! :smiley:


I play claw when I trickshot and normal when I quickscope, I have a 1.2 KD (Sniping only), and thanks!


I used to play Xbox, well play cod for like 6 hours per day, now I play grand theft auto for like at most 2 hours, I usd to try trick shots but completely suck at them :wink:


Used play Xbox, I got some trickshots in. I always had a soft spot hot potato’s.


This is me

My tricks are (mostly)skill based instead of dumb repetitive luck, which means my trickshots are kinda lame  lol.  You want catch me doing a trick shot over and over and over just to get something amazing and ridiculous for youtube.  Ok so I did that at first, but whats the point?  So I just started playing the game and taking chances when it was a good idea.

Anyway, I quit COD so now I’m a team player on BF3 :smiley:

Heres a really long and bad knife montage I threw together.  Atleast watch the last half.  Got some good 360’s in there.

And this is probly the greatest trickshot ever:


Gerard897, got any recommended trickshot video’s? I don’t have time to run through your entire channel!


Don’t trickshot, but I play competitive sniping.


Great video! Do you play GameBattles?
And has anyone else been watching Gfinity?


kulazndoode, that kind of skill is better than any trickshot. And your doing it with the Ballista. Amazing.


I thought this thread was gonna be about basketball :-\ :smiley:


My clan and I want to start GB but we’re lazy haha. We just play for fun :stuck_out_tongue:
If anyone plays Black Ops 2 on ps3 add me!
PSN: bL-Enzok


And I thought it was gonna be about billiards.


This is for anyone who hasn’t seen my vid ;D


Is the speed of the scoping what makes it a “trick shot”? I would’ve just called that “hella fast scoping”. I thought there were going to be bullets ricocheting around something for a kill or whatever. :wink:

(kclejeune) #16

Should I feel guilty if these are the videos on YouTube that piss me off because the show up everywhere…? No offense to you all, I’m not a game person.


Well, what you are describing is called “Quickscoping”. Quickscoping is basically using the 1-hit kill potential of the sniper to kill people up close. It’s a way for snipers, who traditionally lay in the back of the map aiming in, waiting for people to cross their scopes, to run around the map. Basically, in CoD, you aim in, and as soon as you aim in, you shoot.

CoD has a game mechanic called hipfire spread, which basically simulates the inaccuracy of not aiming down your sight, and shooting from the hip. At a certain point, when you aim your sights, this hipfire spread goes away, and becomes pinpoint accurate. The goal of the Quickscoper is to center your hipfire crosshairs, and then shoot as soon as you get to the point of pinpoint accuracy. Basically, Quickscoping is abusing the Aim-Assist mechanic that is necessary in console CoD.

Trickshotting is basically just spinning around and doing all these cool looking maneuvers before/in the process of killing someone. Sorry if my descriptions are confusing, it’s MUCH easier to show people what I’m talking about, rather than explaining.

What Kulazndoode was doing was quickscoping, not trickshotting. What Gerard897 was soing is mainly trickshotting.


Nah man everyone has their thing.

What he said ^

Here’s what competitive sniping is like. Kinda I guess haha. Beware of profanity!


Drag scoping is my favorite. Probably because I’m not good enough to quickscope every time.


Wow, love this forum lmfao, too bad I’m usually active only in the BST. But I don’t trickshot, but I’m not exactly the worst at quick scoping  :wink:
I just started to make videos and honestly, if people weren’t such jerks or elitists, I’d be more active on my channel. But here’s my most recent video that I’m really proud of :smiley:
Besides that, what’s your sniper preference? I like to use the Ballista because it’s so strict on where you need to hit them. And anyway, I like to prove to people that the Ballista doesn’t suck, they just can’t hit people. That way when I use the DSR I’m able to hit with greater consistency, although I hit my shots most of the time, being that if I miss you, I can hit you on my second try (hope that doesn’t sound cocky).
You should watch the video in hq 1080p :slight_smile: there’s a reason I bought the Hauppauge hdpvr :smiley:
If you want to qs, we can do some tonight :3 Gt: PuRe X ShiiFtyy