Anyone remember the Miss Ti?

Hey guys!  There’s a yoyo I’m curious about but can’t find too much info on.  It’s a slimline titanium made nearly 8 years ago as a small one time run, the Miss Ti.  It looks pretty cool and I was wondering if anyone here remembers any info about it or who the maker is.  The article below has a name that’s come up empty in my searches.  Looks neat!

I’ve never heard of it, but in the article it says there were 12 and they weren’t for sale. They were just for trading. Maybe look at b/s/t threads on various forums around the time of that article?

Yup, I’ve checked back on a bunch of forums. I guess I’m being greedy and hoping someone goes, “I have one!” ;D

I’ve always been interested in small projects like these. It’s cool to see people go out and make a few yoyos of their own.

Looks like a cool yo-yo. Hopefully one will pop up!

Sharp and 71g.

No thanks.

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