Anyone recomend any insane slack tricks I should learn

New some new complex slack for the va state Yoyo contest on the 26 and ideas !!!

Learn Yuuki Slack and make your own variation of it.

Do a horizontal Yuuki Slack. That would be so freaking sick.

Yuuki did horizontal Yuuki slack back in 2007.

Horizontal inverse yuuki slack

let me get this straight. You want to learn other people s yoyo tricks to use in a competition?

you could always make your own tricks.

It’s not that hard.

It really isn’t. It is an easy trick, but was revolutionary for its time. OP, I suggest you create your own unique slack trick.

yes. I think that what he’s shooting for.

Dude. I’m gonna be there. Use your own stuff! Hurry up an get a routine down! 2 weeks!

I gotta prep for this like mad. Haven’t even picked a song.

I literally just picked a song 5 minutes ago and am cutting it as we speak lol.