anyone play clash of clans?


I know it’s kinda a old game, but does anyone ere play clash of clans?

Also, if you dont already have it, you should download a game called “geometry dash”.


yeah i play it


Oh cool, how far are you? Im a town hall lvl 6. Silver 2 (I used to be 1) and I have 1100 trophies.

(Owen) #4

join the yoyocourse clan!

im decent on there. th9, i have a farming base so i dont have many trophies, only like 1400 or so. the game is fun though.


my town hall is a level 7 and i am a silver I as of now with about 1300 trophies. so not that far from you


i play too

(G2 Jake) #7

Yoyocourse clan is where it’s at. If you want to join just let us know your a yoyoer when you request to join.

You must be able to play in clan matches ones a week. It happens on every Friday and Saturday.


Sweet yoyocourse clan seem really cool and yes I joined it last night I like it!!!


I play and I love geometry dash!


It seems awesome but im in a 15K trophies clan with 10 clan war wins. And im co there!
I just re modeled my base and it looks sickkk.


Silver 1, 1246 trophies.

Just got third builder today.

Clan: Son of Zeus


Nice, silver 1, 1339 trophies.
I got my 3rd builder yesterday, its awesome. Im upgrading cannon(s) to lvl 7. and I have 1 more arch tower till all lvl 6. I didn’t even mean to be silver 1. But a bunch of people lost battles against my defense and I got like 120 trophies lol. My clans “Sparta459” 15799 trophies and 9 war wins.


Im in crystal II with 2226 trophy

(G2 Jake) #14

New Clan!


Focused on making sure everyone participates in wars so we can dominate :slight_smile:

If you want in let us know who you are so we can add you on FB for strategy discussions.


I’m abby1371 if you have any questions lemme know I don’t have a FB but I got a YYE so yah.

(G2 Jake) #16

Your in. Just gotta pay close attention to the chat since you can see the group on FB.


okay that’s easy enough for me.


So we have a feeder clan for Sparta 459 called Sparta origins. Me and some friends liked 459 but the leader wasn’t good. So we all went to origins. Now we made out own clan legion of many… The drama in that game is dumb haha. I just dropped to silver 3