Clash of clans I made a clan!

Its called yoyoers unite! anyone can join and you can join If you want to and your friends are allowed! And the flag is blue with a flame on it.

Make the required trophies less, so we can join :wink:

Oops one sec i diddnt realize that oops.

join the groovies man, its what its all about (my clan h8rs)



Are any throwers in that clan at the moment?

I’m lololol

yeah about 3 or 4

Post your base? I’ll put mine up later after work :smiley:

I did its called yoyoers unite!

I meant a screenshot of your base!

Here’s mine:

and yours?


Uh me not that far yet me only silver 2 you put my base to shame.



Time to get clash of clans again…
Mine got all glitchy and stuff.

how long you been clashin foo? haha im gold 3 right now haha and OMGGGGGGGG this game takes sosososo much patience w/out buying gems.