Clash of clans

Does anyone here play clash of clans?

I can’t get into pay to win games, how will I afford yoyos?

I had an in app purchase cracker on my old IPhone and I used it to get over $100 worth of gems in Dragonvale, and I was no where near the top of the leader boards.

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You don’t have to pay to play the game and have fun.

Do you have a clan?

no but I’m in one the clans called YoYoCourse and mike Monty is the leader.

Oh cool I just started a clan and am looking for members. It’s not going very well so far haha

I ABSOLUTELY 100% DESPISE Clash of Clans.
It’s completely pay to win, it’s the most boring game ever after you get to crystal(purple) walls, and all the people I absolutely cannot stand play it, making me hate it even more.
Wasted a good 3 months of my life on that game…
I don’t even have it on my phone anymore.
What’s worse is one of my best friends has been playing it for a long time, and is still absolutely obsessed with it, and constantly tries to get my to play it. One time he almost became my not-friend because he was gonna get mad at me because I wouldn’t redownload CoC to help his clanwar.

oh my gosh yes!!! Exact same situation for me!!! It’s an absolute waste of time, thought, and if you’re really pathetic, money. Stay away from it if you haven’t gotten trapped already.