Anyone near DC or Augusta, GA?


For reasons that I may say later. I will be in one of these areas in a few months. Does anyone live out here? And equally important, are there any events in these areas?



I’m in Portsmouth VA so not super close to DC. It depends what months you’re talking about. In January VA States will be held in Richmond if you’re close. Last year it was super fun. We’d love to have another friend to attend next time!


It would be about halfway between DC and Baltimore


i live about an hour away from dc not that bad more in the fredrick area though ;D and the Eldersburg Yoyo club meets the 23rd hope to see you there!


I am right next to DC in Chevy Chase.


The Capitol Throwers, formerly NOVA throwers are around you.


I live about 15-20 minutes outside of DC (inb4 stalkers)


I live 10 mins from dc and yes depending on when u will be here. We are meeting on the 10th of November in Alexandria and, dec 8th in Fairfax. Both places about 20 mins from dc!!!