Anyone know what I should ask for this?

This is a golden Akita. I won this by buying a black metal yeti (from yye!) a while back and found a small engraving under the response pad. I have a decent collection that I’m happy with but I never play with this because it’s so rare. Never thrown, new in box. I have a project I’d like to contribute funds from this to. I make custom tooled and airbrushed leather sheaths for knives and mostly balisong a on insta and I need some equipment to grow.


Only one I’ve ever seen. It’s priceless.


There’s not really a precedent for it. If you want to get as much as possible your best bet might be eBay. Otherwise you could maybe ask 250 if you’re feeling really optimistic about it. Realistically I’d expect for it to maybe sell somewhere in the ballpark of 200 dollars. That’s around the price Beach Party and BBB Akitas have sold for in the past. Unknown/Japan/Scales/Basecamp Akitas have sold for as low as 90 bucks in the past though, so just inherently being a limited edition doesn’t immediately mean there’s somebody willing to pay a bunch of money for it. It just depends on how much somebody really wants this specific gold colorway.

I could be totally off though and maybe there’s several people who’d jump at this for 250. Just my two cents.

Yes just as @TheThrowingGnome mentioned the yo-yo is practically priceless !!! Only one of each color yeti had an engraving in which you will win a one of a kind golden Akita which clearly you have !!!

Here’s a link to a topic on forum explaining the whole giveaway.

Metal Yetis hold the key to secret Golden Akita giveaway


Also worth noting is that CLYW has started to just give away more of these, so this isn’t going to be the only golden Akita in the wild soon.


The other metal yetis were never reported so worst case scenario it’s one of three released to the public

I think they’re entirely abandoning the metal yeti part of it, since that was a big flop with you being the only person who found an engraving.

They had planned on just giving one away at US Nationals last week, but because of Alann getting covid, they’re now just doing the giveaway over instagram. But yeah regardless it’s still going to be the most limited colorway. Just ask high and be ready to accept offers or go lower if you don’t get much interest. 250 seems reasonable on the high end to me just based on other expensive Akita sales.

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If you still have the metal yeti with the engraving it might change the calculus if you sell them as a set.


I do still have that. It’s black though, and I really really like it. Understood though thanks for the reply

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I saw that……just as I considered letting mine go. 10-4 though thanks for the reply

Off topic but what’s your instagram, I been thinking about getting into balisongs again and a holder would be awesome if I do

As a set I think it could push into the $400 range as it makes for a collectable story. Especially being the only pair.

You could probably find another in the $60-$70 range.


It’s @hauntedhardwear. Thanks for the interest, I’d be happy to make a sheath for you. I’m about 3 or 4 months out with custom stuff right now and I’m looking to make some semi custom sheaths to close the gap a little. Also sorry to veer off topic that’s not why I posted

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