Anyone know how to do this trick?

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It’s at about 1:23 on this Jensen Kimmitt video.  It’s like an underneath shoot the moon.  I’ve seen people do it a few times.  Would really like some tips on this trick if anyone knows it.



It’s Jensen Kimmitt, that’s how.

I honestly have never seen that till just now so I’m not sure, but thanks for sharing it! I’m interested in hearing tips on this too!

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I’ve seen Ed do it and land it into his pocket! Waiting to him to find this thread…


That is awesome! I’m glad that Ed uses the forums! He’s the main reason I got into responsive and fixed axel. It’s been a blast!

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All I’ve been doing lately is playing my No-Jive and shooting the moon in the backyard. It’s the best.

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Anyone? Would greatly appreciate some tips!


I can do it.

It’s about timing when to flick your wrist back. You need to do it a bit earlier than it seems. It really just takes a bit of practise to get a feel for it.

So I guess my tip is to start the throw behind your back when the yoyo is still out the front of you. If the yoyo has returned too close to your hand when you begin the flick, its too late.

The trick feels really satisfying when you can pull it off.

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Earlier flick back than you’d think… Will try, thanks!