Anyone know good and free video editing software?

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title says it all, i run windows 7 with intel core i5 on an ASUS


i could also use this.


If you want free and I would say an ok to good program then just use windows movie maker. It can render in 1080p and can do basic transitions. Nothing extreamy fancy (that i know of). It works at least.


Blender! Not to mention it supports linux and os x as well as windows.


Blender? as in the 3D modeling program? or is there a different Blender you’re talking about?


Same program.



nevcer knew it could be used as a video editor.

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is blender difficult to use? m assuming windows is easier


i guess i’m going to be looking up tutorials for using blender.


we all know how much you love iMovie!!


good AND free? oh boy.