Anyone here vegetarian/vegan?

I was just wondering how many vegetarian/vegans we have yoyoing, as it makes me happy to learn that people are vegetarian/vegan. I myself am vegetarian and plan to go vegan when I leave for college.

what is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

good question!
Vegetarian- no meat
Vegan-no animal products (dairy, leather, eggs etc)

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Just be sure you are getting your essential vitamins and amino acids. Without proper planning this can lead to malnutrition in a hurry.

I cook for a lot veggie/vegans. You should definitely check out TVP, it is a meat substitute that is some type of protein. I remember making good chili with it

and take a daily multi-vitamin. (This is good for everyone, not just vegans/vegetarians.)

I’m 30 and have been a vegetarian since I was 13. Hopefully when I get to the Rosen today I’ll find some good veggies somewhere!

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Where’s da beef…

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I eat a lot of veggie meals, though I’m not strictly vegetarian. I probably eat meat twice a week.

I just find I feel so much better and more alive when I eat less meat, not to mention the benefit to the planet.

I think I probably would go 100% vegetarian, but my wife struggles a bit weaning herself off meat.

That’s awesome! Everyone eats waaaaaaaaaaaay too much meat. If you can’t go vegetarian, what you’re doing is perfect.

I’ve never been a fan of dairy myself but I’ll have some every now and then. I love meat but I’m trying to cut down on it.

I also Juice which is awesome.

I’ve heard some people talking about no-meat mondays. Basically people aren’t going to not eat meat on mondays. I think its a great idea, but we need to get more people involved with it.

I sometimes do no meat Fridays.

those work just as well :smiley:

Yea, I don’t necessarily have anything against meat (I have a soft spot for wood cured bacon, mmmm…), but I do agree that almost everyone eats WAY more of it than they should.

I think it’s really just marketing that has conditioned everyone into thinking that you have to eat meat with every meal. McD’s anyone?

I find it sad that vegetarian food is so hard to find when it uses less resources to manufacture and prepare. I’d much rather have falafel in a wrap (with hummus and tahina) than a burger (with ketchup). Sit down restaurants aren’t much better. It’s at the point where I find it hard to take my wife out to dinner as I know I will be disappointed with the food (and as I do my own brewing, I’ll be disappointed by the drinks too!).

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 18 years now.

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So… the next logical question…

How about sharing some easy and tasty veggie recipes? I know I need some fresh ideas :wink:

I’ve been a vegetarian for my whole life. I love cheese too much to become vegan :frowning:
I’ve had meat a couple of times by accident, and it was horrible. :frowning:

Anytime someone finds out I’m a vegetarian, they always ask me if I eat fish. Are there some vegetarians that eat fish? I’ve never heard of this. :-\


^^ Piscetarians eat fish.

I never understood that though, one of the guys I work with is vegetarian and he gets that all the time: “Oh, so you’re vegetarian. Should I make chicken or would you prefer fish?”. What the ****?


Some people are vegetarians because of the poor living conditions and treatment of the animals slaughtered for our taste bud’s enjoyment. However, how exactly do you provide bad living conditions for a fish? Fish are given good homes before they are killed, because they need it to be healthy and grow big. I don’t eat fish though, I still think it is unethical to kill a fish even if they were provided a good environment.

easy? Tasty? Fattening and greasy? Then Michael Angelo’s Eggplant Parmesan is the food for you. While it isn’t the healthiest thing out there, boy does it taste amazing. It’s also frozen, so just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and it’s ready to go. My favorite food right now as a matter of fact.