Anyone here 3D printing yo-yos?

Hey guys. I’ve been tuning my Ender 3, and it’s finally at a point where I think it will make some designs ive had kicking around for a decade or so well enough to be able to hold them or throw some metal seats and recesses into to test.

I know there will be vibe, but what slicer and settings are you guys using? Any other advice?

Please and thank you


@Kray does a lot of printing


I’ve been printing some with an Ender 3 Max. I use PrusaSlicer. Settings I’ve been using are 100% infill, .20 layer height, with arc welder plugin for true unsegmented circles. I have been just under sizing the axle hole a tiny bit and screwing the axle into the hole instead of using nuts, spacers, etc. Probably not too durable for screwing and unscrewing the yoyo, but may be good for proof of concept prototypes. @Kray can help I’m sure.


I think there are many details you could discuss but here are some while I am driving:

  • layer height is mostly esthetic
  • metal guts just help with durability
  • your test cube should be perfect square
  • your model most be work with the material

Yes and some more feel free to ask


Thank you both for the responses.

I’m mostly looking to just be able to hold a model in my hands, but being able to actually throw it would be neat (though a terrible correlation to playability of its eventual metal counterpart).

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Should be an easy task:

  1. Model
  2. Slice
  3. Print

What are your experiences printing seat up or down?

Not sure if I understand your question.
But I print my seats normally under the shell line because I use silicon which is recessed anyways.
So a wide gap plus recessed silicon you would require a pretty thick string.


I’m May be saying it wrong.

Is your cup facing the bed or is the bearing seat when you print?

Do you use any supports?

Normally the cup is facing the bed. But not always. Here it gets a bit tricky. You can not design something which does not work with 3D printer rules. Yes sometimes I use supports.

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