Anyone heard from Yardist?

anyone have any recent dealings with @Yardist ? he said he’d provide a shipping label and info immediately and then ghosted for almost a week. i brought up a paypal dispute and that was the only time i received a response.

based on further research i have an open paypal dispute now.

odd, because i even had a good deal with him before. i used g&s so i thought it was a misunderstanding but his reaction was rather vile and unprofessional, and further lacking of my business. that is all


haven’t talked to him in a bit, but in the past hes always been good conversations… maybe the benefit of the doubt he’s having a tough time with something (no excuse for bad communication and being rude though). Hopefully, this works out for you friend


yeah i got that, and i got that from (and gave that to) littered with teenager language. i deal with professionals, not amateurs


I can personally vouch for him. He’s a reputable trader and has been around for a long time I’m sorry if he didn’t reach out in a timely manner, but he normally does within a reasonable amount of time.
Hopefully this gets resolved quickly

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Just a quick bump. @Yardist is a great dude. In my experience with him, communication has always been good (either in a transaction or just shooting the breeze). I know things have been a bit tough for him lately though so perhaps life happened (as it does to us all). Hoping this gets resolved well!