Anyone have a Radian Super Light they wanna show off?

Beautiful throw, I’ve seen a few BST posts of people wanting one, though I doubt any were successful. I wonder what one of these is even worth mint nowadays. Does anyone on the forum have one of these rarities in their collection? If so, show it off! Not enough pictures of this throw exist if you ask me.

When I was young I had one. Sucks to say I moved around a lot, and it was lost along with plenty of other neat toys. Thing was beyond smooth, amazingly machined, and it even made a small whistling as it would cut the air around it.

Thought about making this thread after seeing an article for custom ano on a RSL that was done by MonkeyFinger.
Apparently a 16 step process. Wow.


Hmm, I’ve been bummed out by yo-yos that have cuts in the body due to the air resistance, noise and general weirdness. You didn’t find that to be the case?

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Oh I have one from back in the day that could use some shining up. I do notice the cuts in the body buzzing the string sometimes and it can eat away at the string a little faster than the average yoyo because of it, but it is cool being able to see through it when it’s spinning.


Noise and general weirdness are positives for me! I didn’t really think air resistance did much, the holes have really well made bevels on the edges, which helps with that as well as string-eating. Maybe it did have some slowdown from air, but such extreme weight distribution wasn’t very common back then, and I think that more than made up for it, the thing slept just as well as today’s yoyos.

Beautiful pictures! I love it, very jealous, but glad to know there are still some in the hands of good community members!

I never felt that string eating was an issue with the RSL. I had a couple of bead blasted throws back then as well, and those REALLY ate strings.



Wow, that looks awesome!

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