Anyone have a hardcoat ywet?

Trying to get a feel of what to expect out of a hardcoat yewt if anyone has one and would like to share opinions? Thanks

I got one from recess I’ll let you know when I get it

Me order one too. Me can’t wait.
Something about that shape makes me happy.
It’s going to get played hard, outside too.

I got one too! I actually came looking for more info about them as well. Does anyone know whats the difference between all these ywets? There seem to be too many versions and Im just confused😂.
Particularly interested between the difference in the static co ones and the recess ones.

There are some answers in this thread, but they come from the same 2008 batch

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Anybody get theirs yet? I got a shipping notice but doesn’t look like it’s been dropped off. I know the PA post office is a mess because of the election. Anyone having any better luck ?

Sonny and kiya had a bunch of original ywets all with messed up bearing seats that they sent out to a couple of their friends. The people who got them applied their own coating and put shims in them to fix the bearing seat issue.

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Yes Ive been reading up a bit about that! Still dont know whats the difference between static co and recess ones. Something to do with the width of the shims being used? Anyone play the recess ones? Are they any good? I suppose Ill be able to answer that once I get mine haha.

Anyone got theirs yet? My tracking says it is label created


I haven’t even receive a tracking number for my order from them when they did a merch drop on 10/28, just an email a bit over a week later that said “shipped”; it also hasn’t arrived yet.

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Ok, I’ll sit back and relax. Cheers for the heads up :+1:

Same. I don’t expect it to show up soon. It’ll probably take a while. Recess ships from PA which is having major post office issues and most of their packages take months to arrive. I knew this before ordering. Wish they put a disclaimer on their website for the folks who don’t know…


My last order took almost 3 months to arrive and I was told they had worked to get more efficient with this. I really hope I don’t have to wait three months again. I think the post office tracking would at least show the item as received .


Anyone get theirs yet ?

Nope and i still don’t have a tracking number.

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Nope, but got an e-mail 2 weeks ago from Tyler saying that he is having trouble with his packages getting held up in Philly and promises they are on the way. COVID times are tough, just gotta be patient. I am a good few weeks in on several other packages (X-mas gifts and such), so I guess the 2nd wave COVID surge is affecting shipping again. Plus even ignoring COVID this is still package season, so I am sure the shipping industry is just overwhelmed.


Mine started to move! Says it’ll be delivered by 23rd!


Mine too!


Damn mine still says it’s label was only created .

Anyone get theirs yet? Would love to know how they play😂