Anyone gotten their mystery bag?


Has anyone gotten their bag yet?




Should we post what’s in the box/bag once we get them or let it be a surprise for everyone?


Let it be a surprise. After a week, let’s post.


Dont tell me!!!


I agree let it be a surprise, I can’t wait to get my bag

(*Kim*) #7

Well I figure when someone gets their bag or box they will start a Box/bag reveal thread and those still waiting can choose whether they want to enter.

(Owen) #8

When you people get yours, PM me whats inside.

I didnt get one, and am curious


sure thing, i got a bag



Uh wow I just checked the tracking and my box was actually dropped off at my post office this morning! Totally surprised wow that was lightning fast! Too bad I did not check the mail this morning now i will have to wait till Monday oh well. My plan was to give it to my son for Christmas and have it be a surprise for both of us but I don’t know if I have that sort of self controll ha ha!


mine hasn’t even showed up in tracking yet.


Well I do only live about 20 miles from Amherst :slight_smile: