Anyone familar with laser engraving? Anti-yo hearts on an eetsit

I have a custom ano blue eetsit that I recently got in a trade that I love…BUT seems to be missing something (to me): the lasered anti-yo heart that is on the axle nub on the yoyo. Does anyone (reputable) laser engrave and be willing to be up to the task of doing both halves? There is no rush: being an artist, I know perfection takes time (but it is only a small heart on each half). I am willing to compensate, be it money or trade, whatever we can work out. Feel free to reply or PM me, I am open to all suggestions.


Since its an area that you would hadn’t touch you could probably paint on the marks using a silver or white paint Ans make a stencil. Should be easy since its just a minus sign (isn’t it?) Anyways im not if anybody with a full on laser engraver would take something so small. Good luck. It looks good just the way it is to.

I thought there were supposed to be Anti-yo SE.

It also looks custom anoed.

Bcmaddog, It was custom ano’ed. It’s an eetsit, before the times of SE’s. It probably did have the engraving before the ano was put on.

jwil425, I actually had thought of that, like you said, maybe a tiny heart with a minus sign. May not be worth it to send it out and get a tiny amount of lasering done, but I was hoping to achieve as much authenticity as possible. Appreciate the well wishes!

Maybe send it to a pro. ENGLAND (topic here) is now doing this stuff like a tatto. Yomega Glide Plaid edition like. He may be able to have a heart or what you want done on the nubs.

Wrong again. He does hydrographing, something completely different from engraving, and not only that, hydrographing does not allow you to do just a small part.

I was thinking of just a sticker

I know it’s no where near laser engraving. But if he can’t do it on a small part forget I said it.

Do you want the engravings? I think it looks good plain.

Maybe if you scratch the paint on the nub the laser engraving will appear. It could have been ano’ed.

sparhawk, that’s actually not a bad idea. I could always cut up a label and make my own sticker. I appreciate the suggestion!

Bcmaddog, true it does look good as is, but I like the heart symbol. I’d rather not scratch it out, it would probably look terrible. I’ll probably go with the sticker idea.

Anti-Yo Eetsit

facepalm It’s anodized, not painted, meaning the yoyo was raw, and anodized. Also, to the OP, I bet you could convince a jewelry store to engrave the heart.

Talk to da5id or the machinist. They own One Drop and their neighbor at the shop does laser engraving for them. They may be able to do the laser etch for a reasonable sum. I think they laser etched the Anti-Yo side effects before sending them to Sonny.

another cool idea would be to reverse mask it and then you could polish it so you have a polished heart on the yoyo