Anyone else grow carnivorous plants?

 So, does anyone else grow carnivorous plants? I have a mid-sized terrarium filled with some highland nepenthes and tropical sundews.  I'm still fairly new at it, (I mean I've had a lot of my plants for a more than a couple years, about when I started) but there is one thing that is kind of confusing me. I [s]have[/s] had an empty pot with just live sphagnum moss, but now it has a mysterious little sundew family growing out of it. There's at least two or three all huddled together in there that spontaneously erupted from the pot. I have no idea what they are, and have never grown anything too similar to them. They're growing well, but it's kind of a delicate place where they are. The largest one (They appeared a few months ago) is about an inch in diameter and has several spoon shaped leaves coming out from the center, but is about an inch tall. I thought that seeds could have been in the pot when I ordered some plants, and now just finally germinated after something like a year. I just want to figure out what it is... The color of the little dew drops vary between clear and more of a reddish color, which is appearing stronger and stronger as time goes on.

I can provide pictures if someone here grows carnivorous plants; otherwise I’m glad a whole bunch of people got to see me babble on about something that they don’t know too much about.

We sold a variety of common carnivorous plants at my work one year but I don’t think there are enough bugs in orange county for them even though they don’t need much.

They really don’t need any. They help if the plants are doing well anyways, but the bugs really speed up the growing process a little.

I’ve always wanted a “walk in terrarium of death” with giant fly traps and preying mantises and poison dart frogs etc. Like a huge nasty ecosystem of toxic and aggressive tropical swamp ecosystem.

I love you.

hello ladies…would ya like to come over to my place…? I got some carnivorous plants…and some yoyo’s, I could maybe show ya…

At least I finally figured out what it was.

But now I want to figure out where to get one of these…

I had Venus Flytraps a loonnng time ago. One of those things Mom thought would be cool to incorporate with science. I lived in GA at the time and there were plenty of bugs!

I had a praying mantis once (again another thing for science) They’re pretty cool. Kinda creepy though.

One time my aunt gave me an octopus plant or something. The plant had multiple arms, and when something landed on it, there was a natural adhesive that kept it there. Then it would slowly roll its arm in and digest the prey. Pretty cool if you ask me