Anyone else getting anything in the 20% off sale?


I just ordered a shu-ta, a czm8, and 2 sets of response pads.
Thats around $120+$5 shipping
I got it all for $87+$5 shipping
I coupled the 20% off with my 10% off coupon from the mystery pack for those sick deals bro.

Sooo, anyone else buying anything from the sale? If so, what did you get/are you getting?


may grab an Aviator…



I’m so undecided. I’m thinking of posting a contest on Instagram, so my followers can help choose my next YYF throw. I will give a prize throw to someone who offers me the best advice. That will be fun, and I don’t have to do all the thinking. :slight_smile:


I’m looking for a learner’s beater, something “normal-sized” so I don’t put on too much mileage on my shiny new Cypher too soon. The package popstar I’ll be using as a skills-sharpening tool, but I still need something I won’t baby.

So, a Northstar, I guess?


could not resist the savings, ordered my new Aviator, Primary Color Edition and some Ammo string
to use with it…

with the additional 10% from my Mystery Pack it is a smoking good deal.

I may need to buy another Mystery Pack if they are available as it would be great gift.



Just ordered me a Shutter…really exited!


So that confirms it! We can combine offers? Stoked! 20% off plus the additional 10% from the mystery box. ;D


correct, you get 20 off YYF yoyo’s and 10 percent off the final balance…

30 is a great deal…





Whip - should I be excited?


I was already considering a shutter; the world’s win and 20% sale pushed me over. I’ve got a solid black shutter on the way, hopefully bead blasted.

I’m tempted to order again and maybe get a shu-ta and north star.


Probably gonna order a 100 pack of nylon kitty, snow tires, 19mm ir pads and a ct bearing or two just to have


You do know the sale is only on YYF stuff right? The 10% you can use on anything (if you got a Cypher pack) but the 20% is YYF only.


Thanks for the clarification I just realized haha I’m pretty slow like that


Debating on getting a glow in the dark Protostar


I was going to grab a Shutter, but I figure there was a Worlds edition going to drop on the 19th, when the sale ends, so I’ll hold off.

Instead, I went with the throw of what may have been my fav performance of worlds, the Horizon.

I also picked up a pair of white glow Loop 1080s (BOGO free + 28% off of that, couldn’t resist 2 of those for about 17.30$). All in all about 55$ shipped 2 day for 3 throws.

I’ll take it.

sighs I came here last week to buy a replacement axle for 2$, wanted some filler to make shipping worth it. That was 5 throws and over 100$ later. This place is worse than Walmart. :slight_smile:


I’m browsing around to see what’s available. Does anyone know which Loop 1080 comes with a hex key that’s not white (other than icon)?



my keys were both white; I spray painted one pink…
just the white part.



Got a pair of white glow 1080’s, I love that blue/green/white, and a Silver yye Engraving 7075 shuta. Can any of my fellow fingerspinners tell me if it’s better than the shutter? ??? All around 70 bucks. Smoking hot deal.

(Amplified) #20

It’s better than the shutter at fingerspins IMO.