Anyone else do this...or am I just weird?

So, after maybe 10 years of responsive, I’ve been really working unresponsive for about 3 or 4 months now and getting to that point where learning new tricks is a much slower process than before.

Instead of constantly pushing myself for days on a trick (which can be not fun), I’ll sometimes spend a good hour just doing technical basics. Like, maybe I’ll go 20 minutes doing nothing but going from trapeze to double or nothing and back to trapeze, and so on. Sometimes I’ll even try to do that smoothly with my eyes closed. Other times maybe I’ll just do all my basic binds 40 or 50 times, or see how many basic lacerations I can do in a row.

I guess my thinking is that, like any sport, it’s just as important to have a good feel for the yoyo (the fundamentals) as it is to know complex tricks, so this seems like a good training tactic. Do you do this, or am I just way out there?

Lol, I’ve been doing this for, uhm… a few years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be able to do all these fancy technical complicated tricks, but more than anything in the whole world, I just love the feeling of string sliding over my fingers… So even though I generally just keep repeating the same old combos, I still feel really good when I play.

The upside is that I often get complimented on the smoothness of my playing, and one thing I love doing is showing people how their “rubbish” yo-yos are perfectly capable of handling fairly complex tricks.

A few weeks ago this kid approached me with a FHZ which he thought was a really crap yoyo as it kept smacking him in the knuckles every time he tried Barrel Rolls… And so I gave it a few throws, busted out some of the same really smooth “pro” combos and put this kid in a state of shock.

I know my playing isn’t very complex, but I also feel as if I actually spent the time to work on new tricks or came across other players who could show me stuff, I’m pretty sure I would pick up new tricks a lot quicker than others.

The great thing about repetition is it improves your form, a good Rock the Baby beats a bad Cold Fusion…

Yep you’re weird! (just kidding)

I think often times many people try to progress to quickly, myself included. They force theirselves into tricks and elements they just aren’t ready for. I find that when I am having difficulties with a new idea, trick, or concept if I will step back and work on some foundatinal skills that contribute to the new idea, I will do much better.

If you are working so hard that it’s not fun, it’s not yoyoing! Yoyoing=fun, just saying.

i think you sould try to do tricks hard as you can
and pushing yourself
were human if your not trying to do the hardest tricks as quickly as you can
so what is the point?there are always new tricks and combos

My method for progressing is every time I learn a new trick, if it is something that takes more than a day to learn I drop it and come back later. In the mean time I learn easier tricks that i have yet to learn. A few times I forced my self to learn tricks just by repeating them endlessly until i learned them (magic drop/spirit bomb i remember best) but i really had no fun doing it that way

Some people find fulfillment in improving their skills and pushing themselves; for some people that ruins the fun. I’m of the opinion that you should pursue the type of throwing that you draw the most enjoyment from.

If competitions tend to make you overly stressed, no need to compete. In my opinion, throwers like Abe have the kind of style that keeps me in the scene. It seems like how yo-yoing really should be. His tricks are innovative and many are very challenging but at the same time when you watch him yo-yo, you can tell he’s enjoying himself and not trying to impress anyone.

well i do it but i cant seem to finda yoyo contest near by

It depends on the day sometimes I sit there and do my tricks over and over again and sometimes I try to learn or make up new tricks. Working on the stuff I already know is stress relieving but sometimes learning/making stuff up does the opposite…

I am exactly the same way.

yoyoing for about two years,and i often do the same as you.

sometimes you just don’t know how to work it out, things like boing-e or seasick is so hard, they need different feel to try. so before the next try i would like to slow my path…

now i m a technic player and can compose 3min freestyle as i love to. i start to forgot the old tricks i do long time before… it usually takes me an hour to pick them again. so i do all my tricks for half an hour every day and use another half to seek new stuff :slight_smile:


there are a lot of things, that could affect and/or cause a lapse in progression. but in the end, it’s just like everythin’ else - people get burned out on stuff.

i yo yo everyday - basically. and do the some ole tricks, usually. but over the years, that’s become ‘nough for me…as i still enjoy doin’ them.