Anybody do Judo?

Anybody here do Judo? Or any other kind of martial art?

i work and train at dojo that teaches the budo martial arts curriculum. it is made up of akido, karate, tkd, and judo/jujitsu.

As a tiny grasshopper I studied Kempo. Had to switch to tai Kwon do for logistical reasons (it was run by the power ranger that murdered those people in Newport beach) I wrestled in high school and have a year of Krav Maga under my belt. Krav Maga is by far the simplest. But it is ungraceful and brutal. It is disgustingly simplistic but atthe same time it has this savage animalistic approach to just do what works. The only technique you really need to master is getting up and maybe some choke breaks. It also teaches you that using a weapon you aren’t an inhuman expert with is a VERY bad idea.

I loved Kempo as it had a style in and of itself while still being extremely effective. But if I had to choose for a non-tournament encounter Krav Maga would be the one. Walking away is the only important thing, if you must defend yourself there are no rules. What sucks about living in orange county is everyone thinks they know MMA and will fight you at the drop of a hat. Too bed for them I have no problem with gouging eyes, biting and groin shots.