Anybody do 3A but not 2a or vice versa?

Anybody do 3a but not 2a or vice versa?

Well, 3a is my main style but i occasionally play 2a just for the heck of it. 3a and 2a are two way different styles but can have some of the same elements in it.

I can’t play 2a whatsoever.
I just can’t. I have no idea why.
But I can play 3a fine :slight_smile:

I can play 2a a bit, I have a lot of trouble with left handed looping. I don’t play 3a mostly because I’m scared of breaking something.

I’m working on 2A. 3A, just forget it…

I can do/do 2a but not 3a.

I did some 3a but quit just cuz…